In-Person Away Virtual Events, LLC


How We Started

After losing my home and job in New Orleans to hurricane Katrina in August 2005, I was forced to relocate to St. Louis, Missouri. While many family members originally geographically dispersed by the storm were subsequently able to return to New Orleans, my daughter and I were not. We resigned ourselves to making do with what we had when it came to communicating and visiting family. It was understood that we would not be able to make every wedding, funeral, or celebration and we had to be okay with that. Life as we had known it from that perspective had changed.

However, in December of 2014, I learned that I was going to be a grandmother for the very first time, and the complacent acceptance of being separated from family would have to change. Anyone and everyone who wanted to be a part of this new life celebration would be able to do so, and I was committed to making that happen. I created a “virtual baby shower” for my daughter. Guests attended via the  physical venue and online. I reconfigured baby shower games normally played in person to be played electronically by those attending in person and virtually, at the same time. If they had a mobile device equipped with a camera and microphone, and access to a reliable internet connection, guests could participate in a synchronous fashion from wherever they were physically. In addition, there was a visual element which allowed virtual guests to see my daughter along with the guests attending in person and vice versa. Virtual guests could watch her open the gifts in real time, see the other guests who were attending in the physical venue, and interact with them and my daughter. Everyone could win prizes as well, and it did not matter if they were there in person or attending virtually.


When the shower was over I realized the situation could not be unique to me. There had to be others who found themselves in similar circumstances—wanting to visit or celebrate with family but prevented from doing so due to distance, timing, finances, or some other impediment.  As I began to consider the possibility of other event types and the attendance challenges people would face, templates for funerals, weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties and the like started developing in my head. Soon, I began seeking the various equipment, processes, people, and software to deliver high quality experiences and In-Person Away Virtual Events, LLC was born.


What We Do


As a certified Minority Woman-owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MWDBE), In-Person Away Virtual Events, LLC uses robotics and other innovative technology tools to provide our clients, their family, and friends with an alternative way to host and attend social events without breaking the bank on travel expenses. Guests participate in synchronous and engaging activities designed to make each experience as close to being there in person as possible. We even take our service one step further with Bot~stumes®--our custom made, theme and event centered costumes created for our robots to help give virtual events an extra-special personal touch.


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Our Mission

Helping the geographically dispersed minimize the physical distance gap with a “virtual” bridge through the creative use of technology.

Our Vision

By the year 2023, In-Person Away Virtual Events, LLC will be recognized as the premier provider of creative and engaging virtual gatherings using cutting edge technology and innovation.

We will achieve our mission and realize our vision by:

  1. Attracting, recruiting, hiring, and consistently investing in the development of competent and creative professionals

  2. Remaining abreast of and incorporating current technology, industry, and engagement vehicles.

  3. Aligning our resources with opportunities to encourage and generate success.

  4. Encouraging innovation among our internal and external partners.

  5. Partnering with various community initiatives to build and sustain relationships as a good corporate citizen.

  6. Consistently seeking and taking advantage of opportunities to “act” outside of the box.