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What we offer

We provide our clients, their families, and friends with an alternative way to host and attend social events without breaking the bank on travel expenses. We offer your guests, who are out of town or away and unable to attend your special event, a way to participate and interact with you from wherever they are. That’s right! Your guests can attend your event virtually and participate in activities as though they were right there with you!


Our VCS      Virtual Condolences and Congratulations Service offers an affordable alternative to those who want to participate in these events from long distances at a fraction of the cost.


In-Person Away Virtual Events creates a fun and engaging experience for the Bride-to-Be and her guests.

In-Person Away Virtual Events creates a fun and engaging experience for your baby shower. Our platform allows you to interact with your virtual guests just as you would with those attending in person.

Our Brochures



View our VCS     Virtual Condolences and Congratulations Service brochure for more detailed information on our VCS     service.



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*The Virtual Avatar Robot™ requires a minimum of  8 mbps upload and download for optimum performance. Check your connection using the link below, or another speed test of your choice, to determine whether your speed meets the minimum requirement.

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